Lumie Bodyclock Alarm Clock


Wakes you up with a natural, gradually brightening light, helping you feel refreshed, alert, and energised all-day!


·         Light cues your body to produce more cortisol, setting a healthy sleep/wake cycle, aiding early mornings and beating winter blues


· 30-minute sunrise/sunset options, dimmable bedside light, snooze function, back up beeper


·         Certified Medical Device (class 1) designed and manufactured by Lumie, the inventors of the Bodyclock integrated dawn simulator


·         Bulb(s): 42 W SES halogen; Size (H x W x D): 14 x 19 x 13 cm


·         3-year warranty


This item is like new! Got on so well we bought the next model up with the essential oils.. £79.99 new!





Lumie Bodyclock